George Mueller, Man of Prayer (1805-1898)


George Mueller's Prayer Secrets


A Man of Prayer

Prayer that God Answers

In March of 1839, George had been praying earnestly for God to deliver much needed money for food and salaries. He spent hours in prayer as usual regarding the need.

A sister in the work possessed some expensive jewelry that she felt would a worthy offering and delivered the items to George.

George then took a diamond ring from the collection and scratched the words, "Jehovah Jireh" in a window pane in his room. In the days ahead he would often look out the window and remember that it is God who would provide his need.

1. George kept a two-page journal of daily petitions and specific answers.He suggested that anyone who desired specific answers ought to also keep track of the date and time of God's answers.

2. George believed that nothing was too small to pray about. "When I lose such a thing as a key, I ask the Lord to direct me to it, and I look for an answer to my prayer."

3. He also thought that laying up stores or hoarding money was inconsistent with a life of faith. He believed God would send him to his savings before answering his prayer. He also expected the Lord to supply what he required at the present, so there was no reason to go into debt.

4. Never get so busy that you do not pray. He told his brothers that four hours of work after an hour of prayer would accomplish more than five hours of work without prayer.

5. Don't forget to pray for more "ophans". God furnished the orphanage but sent no children. George prayed,"I have prayed about everything connected with this work - for money, for a house, for helpers, about the various articles of furniture, etc., but I have never asked the Lord to send me orphans."

6. George created a "memory" by scratching that window pane. We too should create a reminder thats helps us recall God's faithfulness when we decide to trust Him or give up!